By the time you read this we may see some of the first fruits of Chinese automaker Geely’s purchase of Swedish automaker Volvo. That’s the day that Geely’s new brand, Lynk & Co., will launch. Reuters reports this brand will sell cars using Volvo’s compact modular architecture (CMA), and, according to Automotive News, it will likely underpin an SUV and a sedan. Reuters also says the brand will start selling in China first, but that it has plans to eventually come to Europe, Africa, Middle East and the United States.

We have no reason to doubt these sources, but admittedly, you would be hard pressed to tell from its website that Lynk & Co. will be a car brand. The site, which you can visit here, is remarkably generic, featuring a montage of people doing things in a city at various times of day. It also has the launch date of October 20 on the edges of the page. Reuters discovered the car connection after finding that the website is registered to Geely, and the company that helps it and Volvo collaborate on projects, China Euro Vehicle Technology.

Exactly when we may see some Lynk & Co. cars here is hard to say due to the demise of Geely South Africa a few months ago

, but we will be seeing some Volvo’s using the same platform soon. When Volvo unveiled the chassis last October, the company announced it would launch an unnamed car using the CMA in 2017. Based on rumors, we expect the first vehicle to be an XC40 crossover, followed by more traditional V40 sedan and wagon models shortly thereafter. These vehicles may also have styling inspired by the Concept 40.1 and 40.2 models revealed this past May.